Craftside: Multifidus deep back work and flight exercises from: The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible by Karon Karter
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May 29, 2009



I like my stationary bike. Logs in the minutes, but still leaves my mind free.
Let's me watch the television in the morning to catch the weather.
Lets me think about art I'm working on or work out art ideas.


I have a bad back and my favorite exercises are the stretches I do in the morning before I get out of bed. Gets the kinks out!

As for multifidus muscles, surgeons used to cut through them to do spinal surgery to correct back problems, not realizing that what they were doing was actually making the problem worse. Back in the day doctors felt that multifidus muscles did not really contribute to a healthy back. Today they know different and are no longer cutting these muscles. These are probably some of the easiest muscles to rehab and make a world of difference. I have not read the book but would recommend it based solely on the title of your post.


I know that I should exercise, but I don't due to several reason: I don't like to, health issues. But I am always up and down while creating having to let me 9 yr old Chihuahua outside to go potty.

Lilly Adams

The Back is the main support for your body. It is essential to do Back Exercises to keep your body strong. I found this great website that offers many fun workout plans for your back. I hope it helps.

lilly adams

Correction to the URL I added above. The website is

back exercises

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Felix Worley

My favorite exercise would be the back extension, especially the hyper-extension or the so-called "Superman." Done in a slow and controlled manner, it helps the lower back muscles grow stronger. Anyway, what I like in that book are the illustrations that can be easily followed, even by beginners.

Pilates Exercise Guide

Interesting Post!! I'm really interested to read this book to lead a healthy life. Thanks.

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