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June 12, 2009



I tend to cook rather from scratch as opposed to heat and serve.
If I'm trying out a new recipe, I usually stick pretty close. Second time, I start adding or subtracting, depending on how it turned out. If I find I'm short on items, I'll also try substituting.


I do both, depending on how complicated it is. I have enough basic cooking experience that I will adjust the seasonings on an ad hoc basis, as I can "taste" the final product in my head. And I know that there are certain flavours that are not for me, so I can eleiminate them.

I'm surprised not to see the protein value given, as legumes are a very useful suppplier of this necessary category. Perhaps it is an incomplete protein as some beans are?

Economy tip:
I would make double the receipe, making twice the three servings of this receipe, as there are other shelves in my oven that I could use as well. This would make the receipe another 50% more economical, saving money and more efficiently using global-warming energy.

Or I would cook something else at the same time that needed that temperature and approximate length of time cooking. Perhaps something that I could eat the at the same time? Or even something with extra to freeze. A sort of planned-over.


I cook and bake from scratch 90% of the time. I am completely incapable of following a recipe correctly, causing my husband to lament that he hates when I make something he really likes because hel'll never have the same dish again. LOL!


I do all of the above. I have some favorite quick fix meals that come straight from the fridge/antry to my mouth. LOl But I LOVE to cook. So, I'm always trying new recipes and making up my own new ones. I never stick to the recipe. There is always some little thing, at least, that I change. I basically use recipes as inspiration, then i take off on my own. Cooking to me is just one of many creative outlits and one that I can share with anyone. I haven't found anyone yet that isn't willing to be one of my taste testers but I've found a lot that don't want or NEED anymore paintings or crafts. (I would fall into the not needing category, but, hey I like crafts)LOL
Hugs, Ashlyn

Lynda Taylor

I admit to doing both.
Sometimes I just don't have the time to start from scratch but I do love to cook so when I can, I do. I generally follow recipes but to my liking and what I have on hand.


All of my baking is from scratch. I love to bake. When I cook it is about 50/50. When I was married I even cooked from scratch, but since I am single an my two Grandsons are extremely picky eaters.... it's easier on me to just heat and eat.

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