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June 03, 2009



I've worked in one group project on-line, where a bunch of us crocheted squares that were put together into an afghan for a mutual friend in the UK.


:) I think I mentioned it before in an unrelated context - you discussed collaborating with other artists and I asked if contributing a square for an afghan counted. Now I see I was jumping the gun a bit. :)

So, yay!, yes, I have contributed (a few) squares to a very lovely afghan and afghan-ette that our knitting group made for a very special member that was going through some tough times. If you want (hint, hint!), you can check it out here:


I work with a group of ladies doing charity knitting - mostly baby items for the local hospitals, but lapghans for veterans and scarves for breast cancer patients and such. The local library lets us use a meeting room for free since most of our items go to charity and we offer to teach others to knit and crochet. Especially encouraging local high school students to join the craft!
To thank the library we are crocheting pieces to make an American flag wall hanging. All of us will take a stripe or the blue field and the group will present it - hopefully by July 4th.


I have participated in a group quilt for a friend that had cancer, and beat it!!

I have participated in several "fat books". If there are 50 participants then each person makes 50 of the same page and sends them to the host who takes one page from each member and makes it into a book for you.

I have also participated in many "charm" exchanges. Again sending in the same number of charms as people in the group and then getting back a set of all different charms.

I love group projects!!

Cathy Champion

Cub Scouts and Room mothers led me to many a group project. One year we made sugar plums at Christmas time with 110 fourth graders. One Easter we did panoramic eggs with the first graders (120 of them). The hardest group was the one for banner making at church. We always started out with about fifteen ladies and at the end it seemed I was the one who finished them. Currently I'm helping a group make neck scarves with pockets for the men at a nursing home. The home never has enough gifts for the male residents, so we are starting early this year!


my girlfriend and i belong to a quilting group called "QWAC's" (Quilting Women Acting Crazy). we have not done a collaborative project, but we do get together every friday afternoon and learn new things from the big QWACer of the day. sometimes we plan, and other times, we work on our own projects. where would a quilter have more fun? snacks are involved! (to keep up our strength, of course!)


I have done knit-alongs with a group of knitters (and crocheters) but I have only participated on-line. To date I have not been able to find any knitting groups in my area.

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