Craftside: What the different types of clay are and how to plan a business from the book The Potter's Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook
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June 11, 2009



i make cards, and my mom buys them. she was the hallmark queen before i started supplying her! of course, i make my own cards to send out. atc's, 3-d and most everything else, i do for pleasure.

Donna Moore

Thank you for highlighting The Potter's Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook. I have only done a few pottery/clay pieces but have been fascinated with the art form. I also found the business plan to be helpful and informative. This is one book I am going to seriously check out.


Book sounds really helpful I craft for both business and pleasure. I love to create and give items away, but necessity requires me to try and sell what I can as well.


At present I'm a student in Textile Design and learning skills to help me up-cycle clothing which I love and want to develop further. I also make jewellery and have been asked to make things on commission.

I am very happy to learn business and marketing skills as they can be applied across all sorts of areas of life.


I craft for both business and pleasure. I thank God every day to be able to make a living doing something I love.


Pleasure crafter. I've never sold any of my work, its always been traded or given away as gifts or RAKs. I feel I just don't have the time to be a full time crafter but I have the time for hobbying it up!(Yes, I do make up my own words. LOL)
Hugs, Ashlyn

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