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July 15, 2009



stef...someday you'll have to do a post giving us all a tour of your studio and your millions of tools/gizmos/machines etc! many do you have?!
p.s. my journaling routine---never--unless it's my own blog which has become somewhat of a journal--altho' the last time i updated it was about 3 months ago!


I write in my journal almost everyday. I like to write about my day and the things I love.
Your little book is adorable!

f rush

sad to say,i haven't written in a journal in quite some time. more recently, i used to keep track of my activities in a small calendar. i guess it pretty much proves how boring my life is. or, maybe i don't have any "stuff" to work through like i did many years ago. but, then again, i could put art in there. thank you for the jump-start.

Barbara Hagerty

Your book is WONDERFUL!! Thanks for sharing it! And I fell in love with your bias tape maker, also!

I write in my journal(s) daily! Right now I have 5 going at once and each one is a bit different. If a day goes by without at least a half an hour's worth (usually I put in several hours) of journaling time, I tend to get really cranky. My journals begin as hand-bound books. Some are for chronicling events, some are for sketching and notes for later artwork, some are art journals in and of themselves. My blog is full of art journal pages that you can see by clicking HERE

Barbara Hagerty

Sorry, the link didn't work in my comment (above). If you're interested, you can see my journal pages at: Thanks.


Nice Book

Ariel Del Pinto

I like this idea and am going to use to make a graduation album from the all "You Graduated" stuff left over.

Very cool idea and I can write about my memories of the day on it too!

Ina Ftacek

If I make a special book or journal I write almost everyday or at least draw something. This Book you made is awesome! I especially liked the tin can addition on it..yep..I have that die...going to try that!Thanks!!!Ina


I love what you do with hardware cloth!! I write in my journal about 5 out of 7 days. It's a creativity journal and it's where I write all my ideas, good or bad!!

Regan Tomlin

I have been coveting this book for a few weeks now...I love seeing new uses for items we all have around us every day! I am lacking in my journaling lately, but am trying to motivate myself to do more artwork all around....maybe journaling is the key! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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