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July 30, 2009



I have made and given journals to people as gifts only to learn years later that they didn't want to wreck the book. I have suggested other uses, such as guest books and telephone and address books. Others have used them as journals on special vacations or artist idea books.

Art books are definitely my addiction. I have many and have given many as gifts.

f lynn rush

i used to keep a journal at a tough time in my life, but i don't write those anymore. then, when i was in school, i would keep a design journal for my graphic design and art classes. some time ago, i covered purchased journals (with dinosaurs on them...they were cheap!) and gave them to every member of my family. i also gave one to my grandma. to my surprise, she already had a journal, and she wrote in it every day. none of it was earth-shattering...just a day-to-day record of the weather and a brief description of her day. since she has passed, i inheirited them and look at this from time to time. knowing the woman who wrote them is much more special than reading a published book of someone's journal.


I have given journals to a couple of good friends who were going through a tough time, as well as my mother and my daughters. All but one of my friends have used them


I gave a journal to my sister, and she did start using it, mostly for sketching (she's very good). I also give craft books to both my sister and my mom - although my mom usually just comes and browses in my library (and yeah, I totally get that Marc English quote about accumulating...)


Hello, I am interested in know what the name of the machine you used to cut a wool felted sweater?? The machine is pink in color. You was doing this demostration on July 21 2009 Utube video. Thanks for the information. Judy Grant.


I gave a journal to my sister, because she likes to write. Also, I do give craft books as gifts, especially inspiration books, because a gift of inspiration is the best gift of all. Thanks for the chance to win!


Journals are one of my favorite things to give. I always include a fun/funky/fabulous pen to make them want to start writing immediately. I've never asked if they actually used the journal, but I've had people tell me years later that they still use the pens!


I gave a journal to my old sister and she loved it!
I never gave craft books to anyone but I'll start to think about it. It is a great idea and so creative ^^


I've given journals a few times to people I either know keep one or think might want to, but I haven't checked up on them.

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