Craftside: Interview with Author of Paper Puppet Palooza, Norma V. Toraya and a free fighting girl movable card project
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July 22, 2009



i absolutely love a part that is interactive in my paper art. i made a star book with a child play theme. on one page, i placed a small paper kite, and the tail was a long string of beads. i could move the kite out and it would fly. then, to bring in back into the page, pull the beaded string. fun!


I use photos of family as models and add brad hinged extremities ( 1 or more) where appropriate. Waving? Drowning? Running/ Dancing?

Whatever. It is great fun.


I've never made anything like that, but I *love* your fighting girls!! I also love the quote: "my funny puns and imaginary tangents are lost on most people". BOY, can I relate!!


I love to make pop-up cards. Does that count? They don't really move other than pop up and stand there. My nieces and nephews love to get cards from Aunt Eileen.

You did an amazing job with the fighting girls stamp. What fun!


Love this idea - I bought this book awhile back, and it's in my (ever growing) stack of "to be read" books. It'll be moving up toward the top now! As for using movable elements in my cards - I love to make pop-up cards, sliders, etc. I find them to be fun and challenging.

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