Craftside: Jewelry Arts Workshop: Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads by Linda Kaye-Moses
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July 01, 2009



My snarkiness is reserved for judges and others who try to lift themselves up by putting others down. Not sure if it comes out in my craft- except perhaps in a facial expression here or there.(I make dolls and figures)


Oh yes... I made an art quilt called "Dirty Little Secrets" and dedicated it in the artist statement to my cousins. I was hoping it would be published and then I would wait to see who called me!! Not published yet but there's still time!


i am a little bit snarky. i frequently use inside, and not so politically correct, jokes. i play with words cut out of publications, thus making little non-sensical sentences. "now try to figure THAT one out, folks!" ok, maybe i'm alot snarky!


Can't say that I am. But think I would like to be so in my art,

Vintage Jewelry

Good post. I like to make some jewels in home too. I enjoyed of reading and learned some new issues. Thanks.

925 sterling silver

I Like your craft work. I like Those handcraft Items..

silver jewelry

This piece is so great! You should think about selling pieces on Etsy

copper alloys

I laughed at the Grinch reference, since my kids had a great time watching it a few years ago. Another thing, the weathered look of baked metal clay made the jewelry more impressive and classy.

metal beads

I just want to say the perfect word to describe these piece, and that is PERFECT! I personally embrace metal beads creation that just look fashionably great and unique. I just oh so love it!

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