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July 21, 2009



I have made shaker cards with rubber stamps and beads and sent them through the mail in a clear envelope so that you could shake the card a fill up (in this case) a margarita glass. Thanks for the chance to win!

Ellen Lai

I tat up laces and mail them internationally for exchanges. I did consider sending them in clear envelopes, but is so afraid the postman likes them too much to deliver them! Well, I did occasionally decorate the envelopes, especially doodling and gluing simple & small tatted flowers.

Lynda Taylor

I love sending birthday cards through the mail. I do often decorate the envelopes with stickers and such but I sometimes put a generous helping of glitter into the card so when it is opened the glitter flies all around. Just some extra fairy dust to help with the birthday wishes.


i have RECEIVED a coconut through the mail. as far as sending anything, i used to participate in mail art. nothing earth-shattering at the time. also, when i make cards for someone else, i always put an image on the envelope that goes with the card - more of a personal touch.


The craziest thing I've sent through the mail are fiber postcards. I made a bunch as a "trade" for Art & Soul when they were in Dallas and I had my "trade" partners address them and I mailed them from Dallas.


I've sent plastic soda bottles filled with collage ephemera through the mail and have also received the same. So much fun to send small gifts that way too.


I've sent plastic piggy banks and clear boxes (like the ones that some stamps come in) full of goodies through the mail, without any outside wrapping. I always wondered what the postal workers thought about them ...

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