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July 17, 2009



my favorite flower is the lily-of-the-valley for both the delicacy of it's scent and appearance. it's too bad that they don't bloom year around. i guess that makes them all the more special when they do bloom.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp


I can HARDLY WAIT for my book's release... I JUST KNOW... everyone is going to LOVE IT!

THANKS SO MUCH for this WONDERFUL introduction/Sneak Peek... AND BE SURE.... to HOP over to my blog/website on Sunday, August 19th.. as I will ALSO be making a post... giving even more hints and tips for collecting and preserving botanicals... PERFECT projects for remembering these incredible Summer days.

Tracie Lyn

Regan Tomlin

My favorite flower has to be a Gerbera Daisy. The bright HAPPY colors always make me smile :)

Diane Matheson

The iris is my favourite flower, I love the shape and the variety of colours and types. I have never pressed the iris, but have books full of other pressed flowers in my bookshelp just waiting for some great projects. I think this book you wrote about today has many good ideas for pressed flowers.


Honeysuckle!! Brings back many great memories of my childhood and grandmother back in Missouri. I finally have a good start on one here in Colorado..yipppeee it is called appropiately pink lemonade. :)


Star-gazer lilies!! Wonderful flowers and I can never get enough!

Carole M.

this is a HARD question, as nice as it is :) Perhaps one of my favourite flowers would be the rose (first of many).


I like roses ^^
This journal is beautiful! I love it!


My favorite flower is a freesia. I first had them in my wedding bouquet and they have been my favorite ever since. My favorite leaf is the Ginko.


Roses. Old fashioned roses with a wonderful deep scent. They may not bloom or last long but they are wonderful when they are out. My family home had a very old plant blooming against our front porch to welcome us home.

I have bought some lovely rose attar in one of the Arab emirates when I had a short consultancy over there a few years ago. It is lasting very well and brings me happy memories of time spent with lovely, friendly and cultured people.

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