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July 31, 2009



I don't *receive* it, really, I end up giving it:

My favorite thing to do is just sketch on the outside of the envelope. This one was a great bubble mailer that all made out of all Kraft paper(Walmart was clearing them out and I bought the rest of theirs), and it just screamed at me to draw all over it. I have a set of extra-fine-point sharpies that are in every color(I think I got the whole set for $6), and I like to doodle on envelopes with them. I know the ink won't run, and I'm sure the receiver will still appreciate the gesture/artwork, and the envelope will still get there(I'm paranoid about stuff falling off/getting ripped on the machinery it gets shoved through.
Also, sticking with simple materials means I can just drag the pencil case I keep my sharpies in with me, and not have to worry about losing any part of it.
However, for all-black sketches I do use either a thicker sharpie, or one of my fountain pens with waterproof ink.


Oh, I love everything about this post, Stef. Thank you!!!!! :)


The best piece of mail I ever got was a decorated mailing tube! I was so excited to open it! Thanks for the chance to win!


My mom always sends me great mail art. The best one was a card she made and sent. It looked very serious and sedate on the outside (think the kind of card you buy from Blue Mountain Arts), but inside it was filled with metallic confetti. Somehow she'd rigged the envelope so that when I opened it, the confetti fell out everywhere. It was so funny and a lot of fun to receive, even if (or maybe especially because)I was still vaccuuming stray bits from the carpet 6 months later!


I think my favorite piece of mail art I received was from my college daughter on Mother's Day. She decorated the envelope with all sorts of drawings in bright colors, and then on the inside, she had a beautiful and creative handwritten letter.

I send out much more "Mail Art" than I receive, but it's just as much fun giving as receiving in this case!

Thanks for all of the awesome art and craft updates!!!

Ellen Lai

I have 1 or 2 mails decorated with tatted motifs like small flowers and butterflies, another one decorated with cut-out coloured fairies. I treasure them and have been keeping the envelopes until recently, I re-assembled them into ATCs. A great way to keep them!


I make and trade crafts on Swap-bot and I've received amazing mail art through that. One of my favorite swappers is the man behind . His work is a treat.


It was from my best friend who did not do "art", but who decorated an envelope for a card she was sending to me.


I've swapped mail art for some time, and some of my favorites pieces have been the jewelry bits that one of my mail art buddies has made for me. And of course, everything is always sent in an interesting manner - usually a repurposed box, like a Tazo tea box.

Laura Jones

The best mail art I received was when I received a letter in a plastic bottle from my friend in Finland!

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