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August 10, 2009



My favorite craft blog is my own: I've also started an art therapy blog:


Shoot! I posted the wrong comment here. My question is: what kind of stone is the best for carving with a dremel? The rocks in my yard are too hard.


My question is -- have you used the Sidewinder yourself? Thanks for the chance.


Have you ever made jewelry where you used 20 gauge wire and wrapped it around the gem and used the wire to make a the thing that holds it on a necklace? I want to.
Thank you, you for the chance to when. It would be great if I did.

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Have you ever made cookie cutters by hand out of strips of copper? Is there a handy way for making several cutters (same design) without using machinery?


What is your crafting motivation?


My question is about finding or making time to craft/be artistic. Do you schedule in a daily, or weekly time to work on your projects or just take the time when it becomes available? Or both?

Ellen Lai

I have been trying to find acid-free stickers or rub-on with inspiring words and also in Chinese characters. Anyone knows where I can find these ?


How do you get all the crafts done? I find myself with not enough time to try all the beautiful things I see on the craft blogs.

Juliet A

I find that I can only find my craft supplies when they are in a mess all over my table - when I clean up and put them all away, I can't find anything. Do you have any suggestions for organization that still keeps one's supplies handy?

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