Craftside: How to lay a pattern out on plaid fabric from the book Singer® New Sewing Essentials - Updated and Revised Edition
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August 21, 2009


Sande Lyons

Ok..I have a question for you. I recently saw a gorgeous altered book made from a composition book and the cover was made from tiles.

Would you know what kind of tiles could be used. They looked to be about 1 inch square and they were also altered using inks.



I have a question too. I want to print on mylar and then stick it to a paper page. In the past I used the best quality double sided adhesive tape I could find but after a few months it discoloured to yellow. I tried pva but it fell off. Now I want to try again and wonder if you know of an adhesive that doesn't show through and doesn't change colour - and doesn't fall off? Thanks, Carol


My question is to do with money and budgetingfor a potentially expensive hobby. Other than the basics:
thrifting for supplies, recycling/reuse, and buying and perhaps sharing larger containers of glue, dyes etc, do you have any good tips for saving money when you craft?


Can you have too many interests? Can you spread yourself too thin? Or should you stick to primarily 1 or 2 'crafts'? Sometimes I feel guilty because I like it all.


I love the suggestions on laying out plaid fabric. I just love plaid but getting the material to line up right has always been a challenge. What a wonderful book...


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