Craftside: How to Mosaic a Family of Chickens from the book Mosaics, The Art Of Reuse
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August 14, 2009



Love these chicks and duck! I have boxes of broken china that I've been saving to TRY mosaics - these might be just the thing to start with! Thanks!
My question - if I've never done mosaics, would it be better to start with a flat project before attempting something like these chicks? Thanks!


my idea - I save all my empty printer cartridges because they are flat on one side and shaped like a handle on the other. Then I take meat trays that I've washed very well and cut various shapes from them and glue them to my "handles" to make stamps. I also save the plastic zipper bags from purchased linens and make clear journal pages with pockets, clear sandwiches with atcs, postcards, or various other things in them. I teach kids' art classes so I am always showing them stuff like this so they can be eco-conscious as well. *IF* I were to win a book, I would cross my fingers that it would be the Karen Michel one so I could share it with my class. :D

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

I used to teach broken china mosaic classes at continuing education and went through tons of broken china.

One great resource for free china is the local Salvation Army and thrift shops in your area. They often have many chipped and cracked dishes that they are unable to sell.

Rather than throwing them in the dumpster (which they have to pay for to get hauled away) I would give my number to the people who sorted the stuff in the back. When a box got full they would give me a call and I would pick them up for free. Win-win for everyone, including the environment!

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