Craftside: How to use vintage jewelry designs to inspire pieces made with a new element
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August 25, 2009


wendy m.

I love your idea of "spacing out" indulgent purchases - I don't know how many new things have been lost in the shuffle of bags after a shopping spree.

As for saving money tips, one thing I would add - if you have like-minded crafty friends who live near you (or like me, my mom), share the cost on big ticket items. I have a die cutting machine, and we both buy dies for it that we both can use. And I highly recommend the "buy in bulk and split the cost" methodology - we'll order jewelry supplies online and split the package (because there's just no way I'll personally use a gross of french wire earrings!).


I scour clearance aisles and dollar stores for things that can be used in crafts. I sometimes end up with odd things (electric blue pigment ink, for example), but those weird odds and ends lead to some really good creative exercises and sometimes the stuff even turns out good.

Another question for you:

How do you know when a piece is finished? I always wonder how other crafters/artisans know that one more charm on a necklace would be overkill or that a fifth layer of rickrack would make it perfect. Is there some formula for knowing when enough is enough or when more is better?


Thanks for all these really useful tips and ideas.

Good stuff!

f lynn rush

you can add "blog candy/give-aways" to the list! i have won a few things and appreciate that someone has sent me something, like the book reference here from CRAFTSIDE, no less. lovely book, and i really like the projects it has to offer. if my junk jewelry collection wasn't being store outside the studio, i would be more inclined to use it! we're getting there....

Lynda Taylor

Thanks for the wonderful tips.

I also go with buy in bulk and split the cost if your friends like what you do.

Another question for you.
How much is too much when purchasing old/vintage jewellery bits? I mean sometimes pieces missing or broken but such great looking finds that you have to have.

Vintage Rings

Thanks for the useful information.I liked metal one the most.The white beads are looking beautiful.I respect your inspiration for the jewelery.Great job done.

Sherryl Smith

It takes a lot of creativity to have thought of new things out of the old elements. When I was studying in college, this was my pastime.

fort worth home inspector

these crafts are pretty amazing. wish I have a gifted hands so I can create one of these.

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