Craftside: It's never too soon to start making scarves for when it turns frigid
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August 27, 2009


Cristina McAllister


senora muertos

I love your scarf! I want to make one now!

Ellen Lai

We don't have much chance to wear scarf here in a tropical country, but I really envy those who have the chance to wear them and admire the fashion. This fabric strips scarf is not too warm for our weather and would look fabulous with a plain outfit.

How do you store cotton threads and yarns ? I have lots of them and sometime they turn spot yellowish. How do I get rid of yellow spots on the threads ?


That's amazing. I love the scarves, and would have never ever thought of it. I can't wait to see what they look like after they're washed and more raggy.

Cyndi L

The more raggedy the better! That is a great idea :-)

~drew emborsky~

Love(1,000) these scarves!!


Another useful way to make a scarf is to weave strips of fabric, ribbon, lace and/or yarn into aything that has a grid that is big enough to take yarns etc and is flexible enough to be the background to a scarf.

One of the things I use is net curtain material with 1/2" squares. Another is a 36" x 16"strip of black rubber mesh purchased for about $1.50 as a protective shelf liner, rug stay or cut up as a plate protector. It smelled of plastic/rubber for about a week but is scent free now.

The rubber mesh will have woven multi black,grey, and silver yarns into an 8" x3 6" strip. The other 8" x 36" I may leave plain. It drapes well and has a lot of texture. Both scarves will look good with my thrifted black and white Irish Tweed 3/4 length coat.

The net curtain is a huge offcut so I will make several scarves. It is off white, but has dyed well with a tea dye. It must be polyester so it will dye up very well and as bright as I want with transfer dyes. I'm looking at my stash of wools and yarns for inspirational combinations for the fall.

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