Craftside: If there were 6 more "graces" what would they be?
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October 20, 2009



You certainly got me thinking! but first i had to check Wikipedia for info on the 3 Graces. Creativity and humility are the ones i'd vote for! Here's what Wikipedia has to say:
"In Greek mythology, a Charis (Χάρις) is one of several Charites (Χάριτες; Greek: "Graces"), goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. They ordinarily numbered three, from youngest to oldest: Aglaea ("Beauty"), Euphrosyne ("Mirth"), and Thalia ("Good Cheer"). In Roman mythology they were known as the Gratiae, the "Graces.""


I think I'd add Listening, Charity and Kindness for three more graces (I did the same thing as Mary and looked it up first. The only one I knew for sure was beauty.


i like empathy, generosity, joy, humility (thanks mary :), compassion, respect. Wow, i got six! I'd never heard of the graces before so thanks to Mart and Marjorie for clearing it up :)

Susan Z

How about love, compassion and caring, maybe joy of living and peace.


there are 9 Greek Muses -

Calliope - beautiful voice/epic poetry
Clio - fame/history
Erato - lovely/lyric poetry
Euterpe - joy/the flute
Melpomene - singing/tragic drama
Polyhymnia - many songs/mime
Terpsichore - joyful dance/dance
Thalia - good cheer or plenty/comic drama
Urania - celestial/astronomy


Did anyone mention "faith"?

Faith, hope, and joy.

Age. One can age gracefully.



"Graces to the Third Power"
"Nine Nifty NobleWomen"

f lynn rush

how about the maid, mother and crone...innocence, knowledge and wisdom.

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