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November 16, 2009


Lynn Stevens

my favorite doll was Chatty Cathy, do you remember her? no I wish I still had her.
last thing I made that made me smile , my son!!!!


My favorite "doll" when I was a tiny was an old wooden spoon that my mom had drawn a face on. I loved that spoon and carried it with me everywhere...even slept with it! I guess that was the beginning of my love for "odd " dolls!

sandra  samaniego

my most memorable doll was a Black doll my older brother brought back to me from when he traveled the world in the army(Korean war vet). i actually cannot remember any other doll and i know i had many. the answer to the second question is a quilt i made. i make whimsical quilts that always bring a smile to my face. they are colorful, anti-depressing and leave people hopeful which is what i am frequently told.

Sue Adams

Q1: My favorite doll was a cow puppet doll about the size of a Barbie. It had a bull's head but a human body with a blue and white striped shirt and bright yellow pants. I think he had armie boots for shoes and human hands. My sister and I removed the puppet strings that were attached to the wrists and ankles, and subsequently had to hold them together with bandaids. We called him "Cowie" (he was really a bull now that I think of it) and he was always the "dud" boyfriend when we would play Barbies. Now tht I recall his head was also held on with bandaids which frequently got all gummie and needed replacing often, haha. I still have Cowie up in my attic.

#2 Last night I sewed a Winter Goddess doll with some lovely sheer snowflake fabric I found. I maid her hair out of a white feather boa type Christmas tree garland, added a beaded pearl necklace with drop, beaded tail and beaded fringe with clear crystal in one hand, she is holding a snowflake in the other. I will make her a serene polymer clay face using frosted white clay and will put her makeup on with sharpie markers (ultra fine tip). I love looking at her.

wendy m.

My favorite doll wasn't really a doll, he was a hand puppet dog name Bernardo. He went everywhere with me - eventually the paint on his eyes wore off, we had to remove his "voice box" and patch various holes. And yes, I still have him after more than 35 years.
The thing that puts a smile on my face every time I look at it isn't a very recent item; she's a collaborative art doll made many years ago with a group of artsy friends. I love everything about her - her intricately beaded bodice, her embroidered face and wild woman hair - she reminds me of how much fun we had doing the swap.

Lynne Goldman

My favorite dolls were paper dolls that I lovingly cut out and dressed and created minidramas with my best friend Jill. With lived next door to each other in a row house in Philadelphia and would get together outside if the weather permitted or inside and cut and create for hours. This was in the 1950's so much of our play centered around the psychodramas of suburbia and our favorite black and white TV shows.

Lynne Goldman

The last thing that I made that put a smile on my face was a French bulletin board that I decorated and embellished with family photos for my first granddaughter's nursery. Our family lives all over the southeast and I wanted Penelope to be able to remember our visits and how much we love her.


My fav doll was made 50 yrs ago by my Nanny. She was a black knit doll with twigs for fingers, corn cob piece for nose, buttons for eyes and horse hair for eyelashes and eyebrows. Her mouth was knitted in red. Her clothing was made of recycled wool clothing that was shrunk in the washer and dryer. I loved this black doll and told her everything. :)
Question No. 2: I made a mermaid out of wire, beads and embellishments. She is just small enough to wear as a pin. I love the wear her and each time i get many compliments. I smile my kool aid smile everytime I look at her. I get such inspiration from your mags.

Paula Foltz

My favorite doll when I was young was my Chrissy doll that had a knob on her back to make her hair longer. I carried that doll around with me everywhere I went. I brushed her hair every day. I still have her!
The craft that I made that I smile at every time I look at it is the first oil painting I ever did. It is a picture of a winter scene, a shed and some weird trees. I did not know how to paint tree branches and mine look so funny, you can't help but smile. I also made some mushroom men to set out in my flower garden. Every spring when I set them out, I smile as well as everyone else~

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