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November 16, 2009


Yvonne Nathanson

I have your book and love it. The doll I made that really made me smile was all made of stuff I got at a hardware store. I put it in a show, put a price tag on it and someone else liked it, too, and bought it when I wasn't at the booth. I hope that person is smiling, too. ;-)) Yvonne

Carmel Glover

Christmas morning 1949. My sister and I awoke to find that Santa had brought us twin sleeping dolls (sleeping dolls, with eyes that moved were the latest thing). They had golden plaits and were dressed in flowered print dresses with white lacy collars and black patent leather shoes.

My sister was 2 years older than me, and 2 years 'better' at everything. To my childish eyes, my sister's doll was slightly prettier than mine, and her floral dress a nicer colour. She called her doll Annabelle. I thought that was a marvellous name, and couldn't think of one I liked as much.

I can't remember what I called my doll, but I've always remembered Annabelle.

(I have no idea what happened to those dolls. My mother, who didn't believe in keeping things past their use-by date, probably threw them out or gave them away when we didn't play with them any more.)

PS I think I'll posthumously name my doll 'Melisanda'

jo bryan

My favorite doll as a child was a troll. I loved it because all my friends had one and we made clothes with Kleenex to felt to old clothes. It was my mixed media beginning - LOL.

Kathy Cawthon

Question #1: My granddmother used to give me the Sears catalogue to cut out "paper dolls," the babies in the section for baby clothes and the "mommies" and "daddies" in the sections for men's and women's clothes. She also gave me the baby carriage she had pushed my mother and aunt and uncle in. I would put down a little blanket in it and lay the baby paper dolls down inside and push them all around. I collect dolls today because my family couldn't afford them when I was little.
Question #2: My son recently had the opportunity to go to Japan. While there, he visited the "Peace Park" at Hiroshima and became fascinated by the thousands of paper cranes left there daily by school children. Each paper crane is a prayer for peace. I have created a collage for him of paper cranes made from joss paper, various pages from books about peace and other related images. I am so thrilled with it that it makes me smile every day when I see it, and I can't wait to give it to him on Christmas morning and see his face!

Renetha Stanziano

My favorite dolls were a set of 4. They were Love, Soul, Peace and Flower. As you can tell, I was a child of the seventies. When I turned 13 I gave them and my Barbies away to a little girl who did not have any dolls. One of the last things I made that made me smile was a goddess art doll form. I smiled because the lady that beaded the form had the opportunity to exhibit her beaded dolls in local art gallery. Can you believe it? One of my doll forms is in a gallery!

Terri Moisan

I had a lot of favorites...I loved my Chatty Cathy (who still lives in a box under my bed, though she isn't especially "chatty" any more) and my Patty Playpal.

Linda Rael

Ques. #1 My favorite doll as a child was a small baby doll named Jeanette. I played with her for years. I actually learned to sew by making her clothes.
Ques #2. I recently made these angel-like hanging "dolls" from metal pieces that I think came from farm equiptment. I found all the pieces at an old city dump up in Michigan while digging for bottles. They are cute, funny and strange at the same time. I only have one left as everyone wanted them- I made twenty!

Arlene Trombley

I don't remember the name of my favorite doll. It was given to me by my favorite aunt. It was a babydoll made of cloth and the head and limbs were of the rubber that was popular in the 50's and 60's. Last item made that makes me smile is a Christmas trinket of snowman head on an old spice jar with tinsel and a bird in it. I made it on a rare craft date with my younger sister who I don't get to spend as much time with as I would like. It brings back some nice memories.

Elizabeth Woodford

My favorite doll as a cdhild waqs named Baby Dear and there was a book written about her by the same name. The book was illustrated by Eloise Wilkins. I dearly loved the book and the doll and the fact that they went together, as if Baby Doll had a story that I could add onto. She had a soft plastic head feet and hands and a soft cloth body. I still have Baby Dear and I am 50 years old.!!!

Angela Barribeau

1. My favorite "doll" was actually a teddy bear. I loved that bear to death! I still have him, and in searching for what type of bear he is, I think he might just be Dancing Bear from Captain Kangaroo?!!!

2. The last thing I made that puts a smile on my face, is a handbound journal (followed Teesha Moore's directions to a "T"... of how to make your own journal) and I made a collage of my sister on the cover wearing a tiara and holding a scepter, with a sash across her chest, in a Miss America gown, because when she was a little girl, all the neighborhood kids called her "Miss America" because she had this perfectly shaped bum! So for her birthday I made her this journal and it makes me laugh when I think of it! You can see photos of it on my art blog... (see the web site URL)

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