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December 14, 2009


wendy m

We always hang a stocking up for our dog, and even though she already has a ton of dog toys, she knows that she gets a new one on Christmas morning.

MAry Anne

Gift bags are absolutely like waving a red flag in front of a bull when it comes to our cats. They *have* to get inside and will do absolutely anything to achieve their goal. Of course sometimes they pick the smallest bags and then end up getting stuck. The dogs can never quite figure out why bags suddenly are rolling all over the floor, seemingly self-propelled. Fun!


My angel baby, Jaggers, always got a stocking and some treats - she was so good at not pulling down the stocking before we gave it to her! She also was great at "helping" us shred the wrapping paper. Or when we'd eaten too much and couldn't move, she'd put her head on my lap and look at me with her soulful eyes, "Mama! You could have shared!!" Her cat, of course, couldn't have been bothered to even notice anything different from any other day!

Ellen Lai

We had hamsters previously, and now terrapins. Not much things we can do, they just got some extra food treats.


My little minpins get lots of good treats including new collars and their favorite peanut butter cookie treats!

julie m

this is the first christmas here for our little rescue dog. i have bought here a stocking that will be filled with her favorite chew toys. she is always at the center of whatever activity is going on. i am sure christmas will be a busy day for her.

Gayle Richmond

I love Christmas and I love pets but I do not like pets at Christmas - lol. Its probably because our house is a zoo with 5 dogs and 2 cats. Gwenth (my old grey cat) doesn't care one way or the other except she likes to lay on the packages (she also likes to lay in pizza boxes - lol) but we can't seem to keep Lucy (our other cat) out of the tree. The 3 larger dogs are outside dogs during the day but come inside at night and they don't seem to like the tree taking up their space. Bradley (my dog) stays with me most of the time but Izzy (teacup chihuaua) is the terror of Christmas. She loves tearing the paper of the packages - I'm sure she is just trying to help - lol. Of course, we love them all dearly and they will each have their own stocking come Christmas morning.

f lynn rush

when my mother-in-law made turkey, spunkin, the cat, came out for it. we wouldn't see her any other time.

Rebecca Jones

Our cats get new toys each Christmas and lots of boxes and bags to play in.

Lynda Taylor

We don't have any pets this year but I loved dressing the dogs up with reindeer antlers and taking their photo.
Very cute.

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