Craftside: How to build a raised bed with recycled pallets from the book Build It! With Pallets
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December 30, 2009


f lynn rush

norm abrams from "this old house" found a few pallets made of oak. i forget what he made, but all of his stuff turns out quite nicely. hopefully, this book tells how to find the best wood.


Much of the wood from pallets made in the third world is likely to be of interesting wood.

We've used pallets for years for both garden and barn storage. Keep your eyes open for both odd ones on a building site or industrial premises which may have a stash around the back. A crow or prizebar and hammer are tools worthwhile carrying in the car on the "just in case".


Great post! We made our compost piles out of pallets I was able to get from a local pallet business for free!

Chanel Bags

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Happy new year by joy.

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