Craftside: How to crochet a four-color spiral from the new book: The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert
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December 08, 2009


Ellen Lai

As far as I can remember, my grandmother taught me to make crepe paper flowers when I started schooling. I always joined the Art and Craft Club in schools, learning and doing all sort of craft projects. When I started working, I would take some lessons and also learned some online.

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This is cool.I will try to do this at home when weekend.


Debbie Shipley

The first official craft I learned was crochet. An older neighbor in our apartment building offered to teach me and I wasn't sure that would work well because she was stern and sort of intimidating but I agreed. The first thing I learned to make was a red carnation....I don't actually remember making my first, other than being afraid to show this woman my work incase it wasn't up to pare....Good news is she was pleased, she was friendly, became a family friend to my single mother and I still use the needles from the kit I got that year....some 30 years ago!
I taught myself to knit from a book, the decoupage came from a class my mom and I took about 20 years ago, and everything else is based on pure curiosity!
Being a huge photo buff this books looks great!

Sue G

A very dear family friend, who was like a second mother, taught me how to knit when I was just in elementary school. My first project was a sweater of all things! I was only able to finish part of the front...when it came to increasing/decreasing, I was lost! Over the years, I've taken classes or taught myself various crafts: quilting, cross stitch, needle point, even scrapbooking. Then I learned to crochet and found it so enjoyable I always come back to it after venturing off to other crafts. I guess I just love any crafts involving fiber.

Shelley Senker

My Grandmother taught me to sew and basic knitting. I always enjoyed doing any type of creative things. In High School I made really cool pocketbooks out of metal lunch pails and decoupaged them , lined them in felt and sold them . I made beaded necklaces and gave them as gifts too. A friend in Nursing school taught me how to crochet and my first project was a really nice afghan for my first home. I made this while my soon to be husband was 800 miles away in graduate school. It really helped pass the time and I had something very special in the end. A very special teacher named Dee Stanziano was very patient with me since I am left haded and taught me a lot of new stitches and good crochet techniques. I have a lot to learn but the kindness of others plays an important role. Thank you too Margaret for your wonderful books.

Debra Burke Binghamton NY

My very creative mother taught me how to crochet when I was about 11. She made all kinds of hand crafted things for her family and I continued in her footsteps with my daughters. I recently learned about Free form crochet, and realized "that's what I've been doing all these years!" And I find that Margaret Hubert's video and books are truly inspiring!

Trish ONeil

I learned from a library book when I was 5. My mom was way too busy and my grandmothers didn't live close enough. It did inspire me and give me the confidence to learn freom anything- books, magazines, pictures, patterns I saw in nature, anything and everything can be inspiration if only we can see it!


Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I made a rug in spiral crochetbut was not good. I did not know how to finish. My blog is at the beginning and is very simple. Feel free to visit him. kiss

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