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December 10, 2009



Is there a paper I don't love? It depends on the craft- I also really love brown paper bags- I love their color and the way they take color. Next in line is probably tissue paper b/c of the layering qualities! I like these fun questions and that looks like a GREAT book!

f lynn rush

i especially like patterned cardstock. i would accept any and all paper. i am almost a hoarder...i haven't used some, because there are not enough hours in the day!

Caprice  Savage

I enjoy all kinds of paper. Love tissue paper for making flowers and for gifting in gift bags. Thicker paper for stencils and scrapbooking. I'm working on a scrapbook for the greyhounds I foster and have adopted. The rest for whatever project I'm working on.

Marjorie Jumisco

Maybe crazy but I love all the different papers that shops use to package your purchase. Whether it be a bag, the tissue or wrapping. Then using collage, gesso, etc etc the paper can be worked in many different ways creating original paper.
I am also quite guilty about shopping at my local paper shop for Japanese and all variety of prepared papers.

Sally Hackney

I love all paper but I really like to use wrapping paper. If I want to make a really large origami star, I can cut huge squares from the roll. Pretty cheap too!


paper is a miracle.. i luv all kinds.. but on top of that list is
patterned scrap book papers..mmm
thanks for the chance


It depends on what I'm working on. Living where I do (now), I have to make the most of whatever paper I can find. I'm a paper junkie with no access these days. On rare occasions I'll find some nice scrapbooking paper. Now and then I find some good wrapping paper I can use. I've also learned to make my own papers using layers of plain old tissue and inclusions like grass seens, dried flowers, threads, and the like.


I, too, love all papers. Tissue paper and napkins are very useful for texture and backgrounds.
Thanks for the chance to win your give-away.


Do I *have* to pick a favorite? I love all things paper, always have. Okay, if I have to pick, I suppose it would be Japanese art papers.
Oh, and I just got this fabulous book and I love it!


What a luck to stumble upon your Blog ;-)
I especially love vintage paper as in old books or old magazines.

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