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December 09, 2009


MAry Anne

For me it would have to be earrings and funky socks. I had a pair of socks that lit up and had bells too...loved them to death - literally!

Eileen Williams

I have a knitted red green and white Christmas scarf with pockets on the end. I certainly am noticed by people and receive numerous comments..but to be honest I feel a little silly in it. I wear it because my grandaughter gave it to me as a gift and it makes her smile.


Day 8 Answer. My favorite Christmas accessory is bells, which I wear on my shoses. It keeps me happy and gives everyone else something to think about.

Ita Benjamin

I have a very cheesy-cute pair of dreidel earrings, and my husband has a dreidel tie that we wear together - never fails to get comments and smiles :)


Winter holiday? It would have to be snowflake-themed jewelry. So sparkly!

Denise Royal

I love Halloween. I have a witch necklace and a few Halloween shirts I love to wear.
Now for Christmas I have several shirts with a Christmas theme and tons of Christmas type jewelry I love to wear.

julie m

i have wild socks for all the major holidays. also have lots that are for everyday. the brighter and wilder, the better.


I have a bright Christmassy red knit pant suit with a tunic type top that I just LOVE. It is nice and warm when going out to Christmas parties on our cold Northern New England winter night and can be spiced up with a gold metallic belt or dressy lack leather one or just a festive scarf tied around the waist


I don't get too much into the holiday dressing but I have several pairs of holiday socks as well as a bell bracelet.

Ellen Lai

Not much of any holiday outfit or accessory, but I don't leave home without my rings (and at least 2 of them).

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