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December 11, 2009



My husband was working with ceiling tiles recently and had these long boxs left over, with the lid attached. He was throwing lots of them away. I grabbed about four or five and I knew they would work for my files. I have tons of paper things I save all over my craft area. I am always cutting things out of magazines and newpapers anything I see that I love, gets cut out and saved. So I alphabetized them and used plastic ziplock bags to put the pictures etc. in each bag and these discarded boxes were just the right size for my bags and files. It has helped me out so much. I am now able to locate almost anything in just moments.


I bought some new rain gutters and had my husband mount them on the wall. I have three long rows of rain gutter, like shelves. They are just the right size for dis-carded baby formula cans (from my daughter). I have removed the labels and covered the outside with decorated card stock. I have all my loose things (beads, game tiles, etc.) in each of the cans. I have "one of" (each item in the can) mounted on top so I can easily see what is in the can. It kind of looks like a knob on each can. I just love this idea and have saved so much space, and can finally find what I want in an instant.


Sadly I use plastic bins for some of my stuff, but I also use cigarette boxes and shoe boxes...some of them have some really lovely illustrations on them.

Kathy Scholl

It really depends on what I am storing. I use the little school pencil boxes for colored pencils and paint brushes and I like the long pencil boxes for various rulers etc. I keep punches in a tool box. I am not at all opposed to the plastic storage boxes because I have so much "stuff" the real trick is being able to finding matter what kind of container it is in.


I use shoe boxes & packaging boxes for my craft supplies storage.


OMG I have so much stuff. My craft/sewing room looks like a room from the A&E show Hoarders (according to my son). I don't think it's quite that bad but it is definitely like trying to get 10 gallons into a 5 gallon pail!!! I use so many different things for storage from shoe boxes, chocolate boxes, cookie tins, plastic storage containers, anything that will sit flat on a shelf and do the job. I'd love to gut the room and start over but I don't see that happening anytime soon!!

Alison Liebman

My favorite storage containers are the photo boxes you can get at AC Moore, Micheal's, or Joann's. They are acid-free so you can store photos and/or paper. I also store finished greeting cards in them. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love all types of storage containers - from the lowly cardboard box, to the Crate-n-Barrel-esque apothecary-type cabinets. And in my fantasy world, I would use them all. Unfortunately, space and budget relegate me to the the ziplock and plastic storage bin reality. Sigh.

Jan Castle

Actually, I have two favs: 1) I store all my wood rubber stamps in pizza boxes...have over 50 labeled boxes...thse are stored in my garage on shelves, so easy access. 2) copics, stickels, glues, embossing powder, ink pads, re-inkers, alcohol inks, etc. stored in plastic snap togethers whih vary in size.
Jan Castle

MAry Anne

Lee Valley Tools sell some wonderful watchmakers cases - little lidded tins inside of a rectangular box. They come in several different sizes and are perfect for storing beads. I like that they have clear tops so you can easily see what's inside.

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