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December 04, 2009



I love architecture and I especially love doors, windows and unusual brick.


Although it was long, long ago, walking the streets of Paris really inspired me, with all the beautiful architecture and decorative touches. There was one building that had the buzzers made from tiny (2") gargoyles. And I found an old iron key in the road in Italy. Not exactly architecture, but it still hangs on my wall...

wendy m.

I like to use photos of architecture in collages, especially "urban decay" stuff, like old abandoned buildings. Don't know why but it just appeals to me.

Lila Schmidt

Absolutely. I love sketching different ideas from displays and arrangements in stores and buildings I visit. So often that serves as a stepping stone to inspire a different arrangement for something I all ready have. Since beginning crafting, I can never enter a building without noticing elements that I would have done differently or that would contribute to making something I am considering different.

Shari in Colorado

Definitely. I have used architechtural influences in cake decorating and needlework. The SW style of architecture inpires a lot of the work I do in crafts.

Yo Presley

Perhaps from the shapes and repeating patterns, the odd juxtaposition of materials.

f lynn rush

ahhh...architecture... columns, doors, windows, garden entries, gargoyles and other little critters, cemetaries....lots of wonderful ideas that lie below the simple piece of architecture. these elements can convey so much information...


From buildings and windows, espcially old churches and church windows.


facsinating idea of inspiration form architecture. I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award on my blog.


I love the photo of the drinks cans turned into building blocks. I'm not sure how cost effective that was, but it gave a great mottled and textured finish.

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