Craftside: Steampunk Christmas cam chain necklace in festive green, and some silly sly decorating
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December 23, 2009


MAry Anne

I don't know if this would be classified as the craziest decoration, but I get crazy when I see them. You know those inflatable Santas, snowmen and whatevers you see now in yards? I have an overwhelming urge to stick every one of them with a needle and see what happens. There are beautiful decorations, and then there's tacky, and these IMHO are tacky!


In college I had a good friend who made a beautiful snowflake ornament for a gift exchange... out of (clean) tampons! You would have never guessed what she used if she hadn't told you... so bizarre!

Marjorie Jumisco

Some folks go way overboard w/lights but form some nice patterns on their yards. Not crazy but my favorite to date was a huge peace sign out of lights!
I also loved and miss the wee well lit Xmas tree that used to be at the v e r y top of a crane cranked to the heavens! The crane yard moved!

Rebecca Jones

The old tractor that was actually just in pieces scattered in the barnlot outlined with lights.


Love the steampunk necklace. I love that whole aesthetic. Uhm, would you believe, here in La-La Land, there haven't been an abundance of holiday decorations? Mebbe just the occasional "holiday light barf" display, but... Sigh. Nope. Nothing particularly interesting.

wendy m.

Nothing too crazy - just a few yards that are almost completely overwhelmed with various inflatables. I think it looks so sad during the day with all of those Santas and snowmen deflated and flat on their faces!

julie m

I spent most of Dec in Australia one year. Seeing decorations all over the streets and malls and Santas in shorts in the 100 degree heat was a bit bizarre. I am used to very cold, snowy winters.


Love your necklace and the book looks very interesting.

Crazy decorations... this year I haven't seen any as I haven't been out. But at my house I have purple glittered snowflakes hanging all over a green and white plaid curtain in my kitchen. I guess some would call it crazy.


I once used a troll as my tree topper. You know- the crazy haired plastic trolls?! It was pretty ugly...

f lynn rush

the craziest decorations are those huge blow-up figures of santas, snowmen and others. what is funny is that people around here don't fill them with air during the day, thus they are colapsed. we call them christmas puddles. we happen to have a metal tree made out of crab pots mesh. it kind of looks like a green chain-linked fence. don't blame girlfriend picked it up on the way home from the ocean/sound. it stands about 3 feet tall. the one she got was plain, but others were prewired with lights. i think they also come in taller varieties. we don't celebrate christmas, but we do like a tree with fun little ornaments!

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