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December 02, 2009



I am definitely going with stash/recycle! I just made a Christmas stocking out of old men's neckties.


More using what I have on hand than buying new, but certainly a few new supplies will be bought. Maybe a few tools, too. And there are so many wonderful new books that i'll have to treat myself to a couple for inspiration!

Michelle Mach

OK, this is tricky! I'm making resin pendants & related items as gifts--the bezels are all new, but the stuff in them is all old. So--50/50!

wendy m.

I broke down and bought a pack of scrapbooking paper specifically to make my cards this year (but have I made them yet??? no!).
I must say I've had my eye on that Steampunk jewelry book - it's definitely going on my holiday wishlist now! Thanks for the sneak peek!


I definitely try to "shop" in my studio first!! And I keep an eye out for common things to recycle into my work. But the percentage is probably more like 85% stash/recycle (90% of that being stash) and 15% new.

Muriel Fulgione

The new and wonderful books definitely boost my purchase percentage. . .sigh. . .I'll have to go with 75-80% stash/recycle since I just ordered 2 new books and am now lusting after the Steampunk-Style Jewelry one from today. YUM!

julie m

Most of my holiday crafts will use stuff from the stash I collected last year, mostly on sale. I wish we had a LSS nearby. Just big box stores. I get the basics there with coupons. The rest I order on the internet, usually from the smaller stores with good customer service.

f lynn rush

i don't celebrate the holidays, but i do make decorations. my girlfriend and i have made a pact not to spend money on craft items. we discovered that we spent, on the average, $300.00 a month. we had so much that we didn't use, so i put them on ebay or gave them away. we have been pretty good. so...i use what i have, which is mostly new, and some oldy-moldy stuff. i did order some paper and stamps that had been on my wish list for forever, so i was ALLOWED to get those, but i don't really see using them until next year. our pact is supposed to end on january 1st, but i think we have learned our lesson and know that we need to go easy. we will figure it out.


I love to use things that I find- I am especially proud of my smashed/rusty bottlecap collection as well as my fortune cookie fortunes! My last quilt was bordered with pop tops!


I started out with new stuff, I'm exploring a new craft, an art quilt with thread painting. I didn't like the background material I bought, so I 'dyed' some muslin using acrylic paint and let it drip into the material, making a batik look.

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