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December 03, 2009


Liz Bayer

I ususally like to add one new idea to my traditional outdoor display. Last year I put up wreaths & pine roping as usual, but added a Peace Flag with a spotlight to honor the soldiers...this year I am adding an American flag opposite the Peace flag & will light this too. I will also add a yellow ribbon to honor a local soldier from my town who was killed in Afghanistan in Oct. RIP Kyle

Muriel Fulgione

We'll just do a lot of lights this year; we'll be visiting family for most of the season (need to get to the studio instead of playing on the computer. . .smile), so we won't do as much as in the past. There are 3 small trees on the front porch that are also lit and I'll take my old sled, add greens, a big red bow and recycled ice skates for outside the door.


I live a condo so I don't have a lot of options but I do hang a wreath on my balcony.

Alison Liebman

I don't really decorate much outside. On the inside we do things differently every year.

wendy m

We just do lights on the front bushes every year - nothing fancy. Some of our neighbors go all out with those inflatables, as many as a dozen in one yard! They do look a little sad during the day, though, what with all those Santas and snowmen face down on the lawn. ;-)

MAry Anne

Our outside decorating is pretty minimal...we fill our two flower urns with little artificial Christmas trees leftover from when we used to decorate our kids bedrooms. This year I'm planning to buy a couple of big red bows to put on them. We no longer put a nice wreath on the front door because my husband absolutely refuses after we got a nice new door a few years ago. We put lights up (inside) around the front window (again husband, who doesn't like freezing to death putting lights outside...can't say as I blame him!).

Sandi Christen

I shop the after christmas sales, and add something new from last years after christmas sale. I use everything I have!

Terri N-W

I don't do outdoor decorating. May put lights in the front room windows and a wreath on the front porch. I'm too lazy to decorate too much and then have to go to the work of putting it all away. LOL!

Lila Schmidt

I intend to do something different each year but usually end up doing the same old thing. At some point in the midst of all the seasons' madness, I say to myself, if it's not broke, don't fix it. My recurring theme will always be angels in some shape or form. Hugs to all.

julie m

I used to do lots of lights on trees and posts and whatever else was around. Now I am getting older and just hang out wreathes.

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