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December 21, 2009


MAry Anne

One of my favourites has to be NeedleNThread ( Mary Corbet always has interesting information to share about needlework and is a joy to read.


I couldn't possibly pick one. Or even ten. Sometimes, I'm more into the angst of a crafter and want to read about their life (and thereby get edification that my own isn't as crazy as I sometimes think), and sometimes I want to just see how something is done (and love the picture-heavy blogs for that!), and sometimes I just want free patterns to oogle (I've learned to be realistic; I'm never going to make have the stuff I fall in love with), and sometimes I want something so far removed from my own life (or particular craft experience) I can barely understand what they're talking about, but still, it's cool.

However, I do consistently come back here (and not *just* for the contests!) So, by default, I'll say CRAFTSIDE IS MY FAVORITE**!!

** - at this very second, your mileage may vary, offer subject to change without notice.


I don´t know that many yet, but my favourite is A Handmade Childhood
It is not only crafts, but also about Hannahs home and familiy and a natural way of life...


What a question!!!!! How about Craftside? !!! I just discovered Ask this question again next year and I'll know if I like the Freebies! :D :D

Rebecca Jones

I'm pretty new to following blogs so I really don't have a favorite one yet.


I love Anahata Katkin and Claudine Hellmuth's blog. Also I check in at Quilting arts magazine every day or so.


I have so many favorites! Craftside, of course!


One of my favorites is Marilyn Radzat's "As See Thru My Eyes"..--

There are many that I love, but hers has to be at the top of the list.

f lynn rush

there are many reasons to love a blog. i think the most prolific one is splitcoast stampers. i like to see the tutorials. other blogs offer free images, color and layout challenges, etc. my blog is a little boring compared to many i have seen. when i complete a challenge, i post it. i also show cards i have made...pretty tame and predictable - i make cards for my mom. other things that i am more proud of are the books that i have and an altered tin. i like having my blog where i can show and store what i have been doing...not that i lead a very busy life. it is just one of those places where people can look. i think my most favorite blog is "lilybean" - melissa phillips. i absolutely love her art. she shares her love of life in a gentle manner and gives a calmness that i have not experience with any other blog.


I love Hankering for yarn!

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