Craftside: Another unusual place to make art: A car windshield, from the book: The Daily Book of Art
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January 07, 2010



Two places popped into my head. One is the subway walls. Most of Toronto's subway walls were boring one-colour tiles but then someone had the brilliant idea of making art with new tiles. Not all the stops have art but the ones that do are really nice to look at.
The other place I found art was in a hospital corridor. I know hospitals have art anyway but this corridor has paintings by local artists and they are for sale. It takes up one hallway but the art on it does change periodically and the prices are reasonable. I loved walking down and looking at all the art when I had the time on my lunch.


I love the rock art in Washington state. The bear who watches on the Columbia river is my favorite.

f lynn rush

cbs news had a blurb about this guy. it showed him in action and the people watching. the most unusual place where i have seen art is in the "short north" of columbus, ohio. the artsy-fartsy area where there are gallery hops during the year. mona lisa has been painted (sideways) on a theater building. i am definately a mona lisa fan!

Cyndi L

LOVE the dirty windshield art. Would that be considered "upcycling"? ;-)


Wow. That windshield art is amazing. The most I can do is "wash me" or a kilroy-was-here doodle!

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