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January 13, 2010



I tend to use alignment and rhythm a lot.

This sounds like an interesting book.


I'm always switching layouts... never the same one.

Barbara Hagerty

This book looks amazing! I seem to pay closest attention to proportion, orientation and scale. And I'm always considering overall movement and playing with the relationships between the focal point and other objects.

Ellen Lai

I try to do the layout differently everytime, and it will also depend on the subjects and motifs I am arranging.


You know what, I've been contemplating this question for a while and I'm just not sure. I tend to layer and layer and layer and not pay as much attention to layout as I probably should. I'd love to win this book and learn more about it all. Obviously I could def. use it!


Great post and it looks like a terrific book.

This made me realize that I tend to use just a couple of the limitless options.

I'm taking you up on the challenge to try to vary my layouts more.


I tend to try different things...I often rip a page that I like from a magazine and then I try to analyze the layout to use those elements in my artwork. It helps me to understand some of the concepts.

Eunice Robertson

I'm not sure how I can describe the way I crop my photos - all I know is that I "feel" (intuition, creative instinct?) the best way to crop them, and It always seems to come out right, for whatever project I am doing. We can all do with a bit of extra tuition, though.

Lyn Lewis

Do you know this is fascinating! From the above page alone,I realise how predicatable I am, in that I tend towards horizonatals.
Such a clever concept that showing the layour, so simple too, why didnt it occur to me lolol dohhhhh
This looks like a cracking book!

Lyn Lewis

oops..........layouT ! :)

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