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March 17, 2010



I love giving new life to things that are worn or not quite my style. In the past I've added sequin appliques to a trade show bag and turned it into a portable beading studio. I also used automtive stickers to turn a Hello Kitty storage container into one that my son will actually use!


The jute supermakret bags in the UK are very sturdy and cover well with applique and specially quilted fabric too.

f lynn rush

i use heavy-duty chipboard that comes from the back of drawing paper. it is the sturdiest. i use it to make "cards", or hanging plaques. i cover it with paper from delapidated books. i just got another idea...use the books covers AS the chipboard!!! they are a nice way to start without having to prime!

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Love everything in your green post! Thank you so much for your inspiring ideas and I submitted your post in my craft favorite ideas! This idea is really suitable for decorating my shopping bag.

Best Regards,


I took an old beat up straw hat, dyed it red, shaped it with fabric stiffener, added a rose made from coffee filters and a purple ribbon hat band - viola - a fancy hat for my next Red Hat luncheon!

Does this count twice?

1. I recycled the hat; and
2. Upcycled some coffee filters.



Love your 'new' tote!
The last thing I recycled were milk jug, I make neat storage containers (got the info on-line.. they made sandwich containers) and used hook and loop to close them... they are wonderful for storing craft supplies.

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Today I glued old cornet music to the sides of little blocks that came in our grandsons' Sonic meal bags (originally they were the kind of multi-blocks that could be turned and folded over but they had come apart). The edges weren't completely covered on a couple of the sides, so I used glue, then white glitter on them. Still thinking about the next step; I may stencil or stamp alphabet letters on them, or put a ribbon through the top for Christmas tree ornaments.

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