Craftside: Oh paper lovers are going to love the book: The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook
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March 09, 2010



Very nice! I would think that anyone could use it, I know that I would.


I love creating homemade, custom packages for my handmade gifts! Looks like a fabulous book.

Barbara Hagerty

I'm adding this to my list as another "must have"!


this book looks great! definately putting it on my wishlist. meanwhile, just found out there is a book 2 (!!)


What a perfect book this would be to darned useful!
Thanks for the great review.

f lynn rush

with so many websites offering free patterns and instructions for using them, why purchase this book unless, of course, it goes steps beyond.


As an art journaler and a quality manager in a box plant, SO love this post. I must get that book! Thanks for the inspiration.
Much Love


I have a website on comcast. I would like to design my own page rather than use comcast's tacky (and rather limited) templates. I need a decent free or low cost web design software package that will allow me to upload it on comcast's server so that the web address stays the same or close enough.

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