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April 14, 2010


Melanie K.

I crop depending on if I was able to 'crop' while taking the picture ... or what I am using it for. If it is a scrapbook layout, then I crop close to my subject, but if it is for my art journal, then I may leave it uncropped and write in the 'dead' space.

Ron Perry

For me, cropping depends on use - if I'm paper scrapping, I may not (if I have some 6.25 X 4.25 photos mattes lying around), but if I'm digi-scrapping (which I'm doing a lot more lately), I usually end up taking away some of the photo.

wendy m.

I like to crop them, especially photos of buildings - I think you can get more interested out of a partial shot of a building, but cropping makes it easier to find just the right position, as opposed to taking the right picture.


I almost always crop my pictures. Sometimes it's just to pick out an element and more often, it's to get rid an ugly background.



I always edit my photos, and often enough I end up cropping them, too. :)

Happy creating,


I leave them whole until I want to use them and then crop accordingly. Sometimes I may want to use several sections of the same photo. Cropping early would deny me that opportunity.

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