Craftside: How to make recycled book page flowers from the new book Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book By Jason Thompson
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April 20, 2010



Oh...dreaming of a bouquet like this for my office!

I love your fringig/frilling gizmo!


These flowers would look adorable on top of my book shelf! I recently paged through this book and I have to get it!!


This looks great. I've just ordered the book. I can see using some of the techniques with fabric as well. Whee!

mothers day flowers

This really looks nice. You get to recycle stuff and make it an art or a simple gift even for your mom specially if she's a bookworm.

Cindy@ silk flower arrangements

I'd love to make project like this, but do you have any using alternatives to "Quilling Fringer tool"? Anyway I love the little branches with small paper flowers above. Thanks for this lovely inspiration.

Karen Sellers

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Your flowers are incredibly lovely!.

Cris@ flower delivery Sydney

Wow, how cool is that :) It takes some artistry and creativity to produce something like this, from a junk into art, isn't it amazing?

Lecuyer Bobo

Thanks for the tutorial. I have so much learning that I gain from it.

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