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June 10, 2010


Melanie K.

I so want this book! But I am a pact that I am not buying anything (books, supplies, classes) for a while (guess I need to set a time frame!) Oh,I hope to win this!

Oh, art journaling = no rules; I love making books so 95% of mine are handmade.

Melanie Davidson

I would love to win this book! I started art journaling with a group and have taken off on my own! I take a no-rules approach and often challenge myself to try different techniques around a common theme!

Nancy Lefko

At the moment my journal is calling to me, as the regular duties of life have kept me from playing in my journal I guess it is safe to say I journal in spurts as well. I began journaling after a couple of online workshops with Pam Carriker and I am ever grateful that she opened my eyes to this wonderful art experience. I guess as rules go...I hate misspellings when I journal (it's the teacher in me) and I will collage over a mistake in spelling rather than leave it to haunt me. I have LK's book, True Vision and imagine this new book will be equally grand!!


my art journal is a place to try new techniques and answer the call of my muse. would love to win this book.

Barbara Bassett

The best I have done with art journaling is buy a book on other artists journals - LOL! I made an attempt but never finished. I need more inspiration, maybe THIS book.

Barbara Hagerty

I just ordered this book yesterday, so I don't need to be in the drawing, but I wanted to let everyone know that it's fabulous!! The person who wins this is going to *love* it!!!


I've been journaling for many years - a combination of collaged images and found words along with my own scribbles. It's my place to vent, to try my hand at new techniques, to plan out art projects ... anything goes! No rules, just a safe sandbox for my artistic soul to play in.


I would so love to win this book. I need the inspiration! I started art journaling, but didn't get very far. And haven't touched it in a long time. This book looks awesome and it might be what I need to get back to my art journal. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

Wanda H

I haven't yet started a journal... think about... think about.... I need to start... I need this book. Thanks for the chance to win it!!

Maxine Kollar

My journal is really a collection of 4 and the 5th coming up. I have started and left journals simply because I did not feel comfortable with the book itself, sounds a little crazy but that's it. I go to the $ store and find the largest blank journal that 'speaks' to me and buy a few. Now I have one journal that is more like a diary but I include diagrams of things and thoughts that have happened during the day or week and also put in all the cards I receive be it for my birthday, thank yous, mother's day. I have one for sketching art ideas in which I include the typical loose drawings, my thoughts, colors etc, I have one for my jewelry ideas, same thing sketching and colors et al and one for my purse and tote ideas, I am about to start one for pictures I have clipped out of magazines that I want to draw. In this one I'll add what I like about the picture and how I want to draw the image and leave a note later if I have actually done the real thing and paste a printed copy of what I have done. What got me going on this was the need to keep track of what my mind is storing up so this is like a download of information. I realized in the past 6 months that I had to do this or the thoughts and ideas would slip away. I guess the dumbest thing I wrote about was the day I was shopping all day and came home with aching feet. I drew my feet including every point on each foot that was yelling 'ouch' as I sat with them up in front of the tv. I look back on this now and hope my kids never see it! So that's my story.

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