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July 09, 2010


Mary Anne

I must admit that knit and crochet are things that I am more likely to take up in the colder months. It's simply too hot to sit with yarn in your lap during the summer. During the hot months I tend to embroider or do paper crafts.


I am particlarly interested in mixed media jewelery and artwear, so I work on those as and when the wherewithall appears. Sometimes I will have some very useful components but the vital missing piece, or idea hasn't yet emerged.

It may be that I will take a class that inspires me or teaches me new techniques that I will then use.

So no seasonality, and no system. Only serendipity.


I do not like to crochet during the summer. I also tend to work with my felting and needlefelting supplies more in the winter than at other times of the year. I tend to begin proects whenever I get inspired by something that I see and I know that I have the stash to make it. If I have a gift that I want to make for someone I try to get it done a couple of months ahead of time just in case, lol. What are regular intervals, ROFLOL?? I start them when I have time, which is very sporadic when you have 7 people living in the household. I do a lot of very late night stitching after everyone is gone to bed or I go to a friend's house for a scheduled crafting day every now and then.


Well, I tend to knit and crochet more in winter than in summer. Besides, I like all those spooky craft projects around Halloween. :)

I am new to quilting, so the book sounds very tempting. :)

Happy creating,


I have no system:(...BUT I am working on that and hoping I will nail one down before the summer is over. I do alot of different things...but I would have to say my knitting felted purses tends to take a back seat in the summer. summers in Maine are short so i tend to soak up as much of it as i can and save the indoor stuff for rainy days. (like today)I start new projects ALL the's the finishing them that has me stuck!
Thanks for the chance to win...
Dancingly, Denise


I tend to do my papercrafts year-round. Fabric and quilting projects are more likely to happen in the fall, but that's mostly because I get so inspired after attending the International Quilt Festival here in Houston!

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