Craftside: Recycle Swag Contest and Win a Copy of 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew By Garth Johnson
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August 17, 2010



i love taking the old and making the new like i did with this 3D game


I like the idea of recycled art...this is a great idea for thumb drives...I've always fighting ti find mine...I can clip it to the inside of my purse with one of these redos....LOVE the Hello Kitty die cuting!


I am a packrat and I'd love to have a book that puts a positive spin on my junk collecting. Great ideas for the jump drive, would be good for a small flashlight too.


craft s soulful and i do craft with all natural ,mother earths treasures,soi have done swag from sea coins and twine from corn wrap,i have done chymes and jewellery


Repurpose all that you can.


Lots of neat things to make- I got her VIA Condo Blues REMAKE YOUR SWAG CHALLENGE


I knew there must be a reason I was hanging onto all those conference and exhibition names tags. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.


You know its really ironic, my grandma lived through the depression & currently she still saves foil, boxes & any bag she can, we laugh when she tries to wash paper plates among other crazy things she still does, but I've always been about reduce,reuse, recycle & i guess it all didn't hit home as much till i had my own home. Now we consistently have more in the recycling than the trash & i reuse everything i can, i guess I'm more like my crazy grandma than i knew :)

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