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September 09, 2010


Maxine Kollar

Going back to school for me was always exciting. Especially when I had my new textbooks and brought them home and very carefully covered them with brown paper wrapping. The brown paper was to protect the books so that you did not have to pay a fine at the end of the year. It was always great too because you got to write on the brown paper. By the end of the year your book cover was an 'art-piece' in itself. Being in a new grade was exciting too because it meant you were more 'grown-up' and one more year closer to graduating. The funny part of going back to school was seeing all the cliques start up and who was popular and who was on the 'outs'. There was always someone who got picked on no matter what! The bad part was all the homework and the difficulties in transitioning from old math to new math, learning how to use a slide-rule and learning French taught by the Social Studies teacher - who did not speak French.


The cooler weather and suble change of light spell back-to-school for me a week or so before. I find that exciting, even though I'm a retiree. I find I just love learning, especially in area that I haven't investigated before.

I've been participating in my local college's various offerings and am going back for three more classes with excellent tutors next week.

Can't wait!


I have always liked going back to school. :)

-- Birgit


Back to school is always an exciting time for both me and my kids. I can finally enjoy some peace and quiet and they get to see their friends and learn new things. I also take the time to set new goals for myself, too.


Going back to school has always felt to me like a new start - even now, many years after I finished school. Time to get organized, begin those indoor routines that are sometimes forgotten during the warm days of summer, plan ahead for the fall and winter holidays indoors. Love it!


I always loved going back to school. Getting school supplies was always a fun time too. I wouldn't have liked the new way of packing all the supplies in one plastic bag so all you have to do is find the grade and grab a bag.


Now I've got Michael Jackson stuck singing in my head. Bead it bead it bead it...

Trish ONeil

doesn't matter if it's real school or not- I love learning new stuff, but there is something special about a structured class taught by someone passionate about the always re-inspires me.


Back to School! Good maybe even great! I love the cool even cold weather, so start of school means I will no longer sweat to death! (OK only feel like it)

Heather K

I loved going to school, and still do, now that I am retired. Fall is my favourite time of the year. I hated the long summer holidays as I couldn't wait to get back to school and learn! I even liked homework, including the mandatory Latin. And now it means I have to inventory my knitting and see how many more gifts I have time to make.

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