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September 09, 2010


Denise Koster

Well, I have three kids in two schools. When I sent the last two off on the bus Tuesday morning, I skipped up to the house shouting "I'm free!"

I'm also taking classes and doing well, but not liking the time suck so much. It takes away from my knitting time. Denise


I seem to be in the minority because I didn't like going back to school. I enjoyed the freedom of my summer holidays. I enjoy learning so it wasn't the bad part.


When I was growing up, I always had trouble sleeping the night before... I enjoyed college more than the K-12 years.

Now that I have kids, we homeschool, so we don't have to worry about the first day of school & all the wonkiness that comes with school: teaching so that the kids will pass their tests & they can learn at their own pace!


Oh, my! I remember Julia from online bead groups before her wonderful books were published. What a sweet lady. Glad to see her success.

Back to school is a good news/bad news situation when you work at an academic environment: it is so quiet when the students are off for holiday or summer, BUT if not for students one wouldn't have a job! Once the students are back on campus, we are always glad to see them. They *are* the reason we do what we do.

DeeAnne Kimmel

Back to school for me as a child meant new school supplies, especially the big box of Crayola crayons, and new shoes! When my kids went back to school, it meant time for me to do some crafts with friends or read! All in all, back to school memories have always been special!


I always loved being in school more than being home, so B2S was good for me. However (fortunately), it's not the same for my daughter - she's nervous and excited, but I'm sad. They grow up way to quickly. Plus, I hate all the homework!


Back to school? Always good! If I'm a student, I love that feeling of possibility, of optimism, of opening a new door. And, I love the school supplies.
As a parent, I love back to school because it gives me some quiet time.

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