Craftside: Win a Singer Sewing Machine and a copy of the fabulous new book 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips
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September 30, 2010


Pat Upton

I have a couple of friends who sew and are the frontline of my attack on problems (challenges) and questions. I am a pure novice at sewing and need all the help I can get! The book sounds like an awesome addition to my library and who wouldn't want a new machine? I want them! Pick me please!

Melanie K

What a give away! Two years ago, I would have been able to ask my mom (who has now passed away). Now? Search the web! I really do need this book! (machine would be very nice too!)

Kathy keating

I turn to my mother and sister. Mom made is make our own clothes as children so we have been sewing since we we 10 years old. Together we brainstorm how to tackle any serious sewing challenges and usually we win...together. It's a great way to spend some quality time together doing something that we love.


If I can't google a solution...I run to my mother-in-law for help, or if it's late at night I call on my best online friend.

beth engelman

I go to google or You Tube! So excited about the book, it will be a lot of help!

Julia P

I turn to my mother when I have sewing "issues". :)


My grandmother taught me how to sew. She passed away years ago and I do not have any human to help me any longer. I visit websites, and buy books to help with my issues. I am always looking for new ideas and shortcuts along with the proper way of doing things. Being disabled and on a fixed income, I have to carefully watch my budget. I use the public library as much as possible, however, I find limited resources. I actually visit bookstores and search for my problems (usually without purchasing the book) when my funds are low. This book sounds like it solves many problems and has great tips. I would love to have a new sewing machine, mine is over 40 yrs old and does not do much except straight and zig zag stiches. I never win anything so I don't have high hopes of this either. Some very lucky person will enjoy it.


Cool-I would love to win this machine. My machine is 36 years old and does not do all that I want to.


i use my vintage singer book or google something :)


I either check Threadbanger forums, or call my mum.

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