Craftside: Win a Singer Sewing Machine and a copy of the fabulous new book 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips
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September 30, 2010


Carla Finley

Fabulous prize! I have noone around me that sews so everything I learn is from books and magazines and the web. I love searching the net for my answers.

edith golden

hi,i would love to have a new machine.i am retired and would love to get back to sewing,that include making cloth dolls and clothes.I used books and magazine for help.soooo your give away would be so great.hope to hear from you.edith

Nancy Aymond

I always go to
While it says it is a quilters board, you can get an answer to almost any type of sewing question. Great tips, links and pictures. I also have several sewing encylepedia type books I use when I can't get on line.

Elise Viksaas

Mostly I just experiment -- but I get inspiration from books, the net, my crafty friends, and my six year olds wild imagination.

RaDonna Murner

It used to be my grammaw. When she passed away, she left me her entire sewing room. Now, I call my mom. I've also been know to check out blogs, tutorials and youtube.


This is a terrific giveaway! I first look to my Mom and/or Aunt when I need help. After that I use my Mother's well thumbed and out of print copy of The Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing from 1974. If I'm still stuck I google my problem.
Thanks for the chance to win such nice stuff!

Becky Fisher

I have to turn to the internet now -- I prefer forums that are more machine-specific. I just went to one a few moments ago for a feed dog issue and got it resolved in mere moments. I wish I didn't have to use the web. My mother taught me to sew in 1967 (I was 7) on a brand new Singer Golden Touch and Sew, which I still have but am donating to a missionary in the Philippines who is teaching women to sew there and earn a living doing so. My mother passed in a car accident about 5 years ago and I miss her terribly. I have just now been able to think about sewing again because I just didn't have the heart for it. I tried but I cried through every project. For my last birthday my daughter presented us with our first grandchild-- a little girl -- and it feels like Mom is saying it was okay to mourn for a season but it's time to pick up the needle and move forward.

Romona King

What a great giveaway. Where I turn to for sewing help, is my collection of sewing books. I have most of the Singer books as well as pattern drafting and other reference books. Having a variety of well written books makes all the difference. I also will go to shops and asks for help when I have a question I can't quite figure out..


my mother is the first one I turn to but lately I have astarted turning to my best friend who is a quilter and she is always anxious to help...and if all else fails then I turn to the several sewing groups that I belong to on yahoo.


I used to turn to my girlfriend until I moved away. Now I rely heavily on the internet. It has never failed me and I'm so grateful to the many people that post tutorials. They have helped me soooo much!

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