Craftside: Word up! My "twist" on the Sizzix Twist Cube while getting my surface treatment inspiration from the book 1,000 Type Treatments
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November 11, 2010


Karen B.

Oh this is neat! I love the theme and having a literal box to think outside of! The industrial appearance with the tape and hand-drawn rivets is super cool. I could see something like this being a good guy gift, too. Thank you for using my die is such a creative "out-of-the-box-but-with-a-box" way!

Candice Windham

Love the duct tape!
My philosophy is that if you have duct tape, an Xacto knife and mat board, you can build anything. Of course, you have to cut to size, beat to fit and paint to match as well!

Jen Goode

So much fun!!


Clever idea! It's so much fun to see the materials everyone is using.

Mod Podge Amy

Yours is so cool. Just like you!

Barbara Hagerty

What a great idea, and a great book! I love what you've done with the die!

"Authenticity" is one of my favorite words. I don't often use it literally in artwork --maybe I should-- but I try to live it in everything that I do.


I'm too late to be considered here. Alas, I was away from my computer when this was posted.

I love to use the different lettering fonts and styles as they are so emotive. We can always add movemen, activity t or emotion lines to letters as well.I'm using such things in my pland for next term's freemachine embroidery class.



I hope to work a little magic into each of my creative projects -- no matter if I make them with my hands or on the computer. :)

Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome book!


Hmmm, fav phrase right now is "it is what it is", although I haven't really used it in my art. Other words that tend to pop up in my art are mostly found words and phrases, clipped from books. I like the serendipity of using something random, as opposed to the standard "dream", "create", etc.

Julie (justwritedesigns)

Very cool! My fave is a quote I have on my blog:
"if they give you ruled paper, write the other way" e.e. cummings.

I create by this and love finding different ways to do or use things.

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