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December 09, 2010



I have a Kindle (1st generation), and an iPad. And I really want a ColorNook. I love each of these... But you really don't need any of these fancy e-readers to enjoy craft e-books! You'll soon be able to purchase them thru and you can already find some (more coming soon) at You can read them via your computer's browser. Very cool!

Einat Kessler

What a great idea to create coasters from this die! I love thedeer stamp, it is really pretty.

Karen B.

Coasters is a great idea! Nice!

Jan Hoefler

I have acess to a Kindle reader on my Android phone. I am very intrigued by the IPAD. BUT being tactile, I love books. ESPECIALLY craft books. That's all the reading I do! Mag's & craft books, blogs...
I do like the ablity to have the instructions nearby when working.
Very thought provoking question!

CC in WI

I am not very good at figuring out blogs or where to leave comments. Anyway I am trying to leave one for the contest. Would love to see soemthing on using buttons in art. I would also like to be put in the draweing for the delightful package. I did link up on facebook too.


Coasters are a great idea! I don't have any e-readers, but I'm excited to know that craft books are available on them.


I have the Kindle app on my iPod and on my computer. I'd love to have a Kindle or a Nook. As much as I love books, it's nice to have e-books when you get caught waiting somewhere and for the car. I haven't used my Kindle app for craft books so far, but wouldn't rule it out if I had a full-sized Kindle or iPad.

Ina Good

E book is on my wishlist...if not I will get me one after holidays...Would love this giveaway!!!Hopping over to sizzix the coaster ideas!


I have an iTouch. Dont' read much on it though because it is so small.



I don't have an e-reader and unless I win one, I don't think I will get one any time soon. It's okay though -- at least as long as there are "real" books out there!

Thanks for the chance to win one of those "real" books!

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