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December 15, 2010



I must admit that I only made two home made cards this year, but went with store bought instead. I had too many art projects going and just didn't do all the cards.

I would love the scissors, book and cloth.

elizabeth golden

Wow what two fantastic giveaways. There is going to be a coulpe of lucky people out there. I love your random strip quilt. It is lovely. I have enjoyed visiting your blog this morning. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that I am a winnner!

Karen Knegten

I made 60 one of a kind Christmas cards this year. I started back in June, so I was rushed to finish them.
Your quilt is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win. I use fabric on my cards too.

Pat Upton

I just hope I can get a card of some kind out! My christmas present shopping is even more limited! YIKES! How did it get to be this close to Christmas?

wanda burnell

I'm making handmade Christmas cards - using a digital copy of a Santa painting my daughter made for me last year for Christmas. Since learning to make greeting cards this year - I don't plan on ever buying cards again!


Christmas cards? People still do that? When do they find the time. I guess I'm sending greeting telepathically. ;-)

Maria Soto

I will be sending some e-cards to family and friends. However I will get together with my kids this weekend and we will make some cards to give out to their teachers and their uncles and aunts. it will give us time to spend together and they will feel great making their one of a kind card.


I do a lot of handmade stuff during the holidays, but the card we send is a simple photo and a letter, and I usually get to it really late, like Christmas Eve.


This year I bought glittery cards at the store and sent them. I had plans to use scans of antique postcards I've collected along with some German gold paper trim to make cards but that didn't happen. (I look at it as being one step up for next year!) In the past I've made cards from ribbon, fabric, and/or paper, printed my own, sent e-cards--I'm a big fan of holiday cards. And, yes, I do follow you on Facebook.

Becky Conley

Such a gorgeous prize! I'm a fabric addict. I'm sending hand made cards but they do include a family photo. Just posted on FB today that I need to get started creating them, all designed in my head but need to get 'em done!
Giving away a cricut expressions bundle on my blog for anybody interested

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