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January 04, 2011


Melanie K

First on my list is a triptychs (I think that is the word) ... 5 small panels connected by a ribbon. Each featuring a macro shot of something in my home. Indistinct, not obvious.


Not too creative, really, but my brother wants a cover for his mixer and my sister and I are making one from denim, using the Simplicity pattern I used to make my cover back in the 70s--there's a reason I keep everything!

Meg K

Learning how to sew better, thank yous & baby announcements :) Thanks for this contest!


Alma Stoller's Glossy Project is first on my 2011 art list. It involves embroidery and i'm loving it.
Thanks for this giveaway!
Happy New Year,


I have been agonizing over sewing my living room curtains for over a year! They are getting done this month.


A tote bag that I got fabric for last year! Past time to get it done

Barbara Moore

Actually I plan on making a "project" apron, one that I can wear to keep stuff off me while creating projects made with gourds.


My first project will be a small quilt hanging - I bought the pattern at Quilt Festival last October and told myself that I would work on it this year. We'll see how that goes!

Karen C.

My first project is a wall hanging collage using paper and fabric with lots of free motion stitching.


The first project of the year will be camera cases for the cameras my kids got for Christmas. The fabric is all picked out (by them) and is just waiting for me to have time to make them. :)

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