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June 09, 2011



I really admire well-made bakery treats. I am not very good at decorating cupcakes, but there is almost nothing better than sinking your teeth into something beautiful AND delicious! Craft + Food = Mmmm.


I'm trying to eat healthier and lose a few pounds, so I love healthy and tasty the ones in Going Raw. Thanks for sharing!


I love cooking and crafting, but not at the same time - it can get messy!

Gayle J

I love to craft...knit,crochet,cross stitch, garden,sew, etc... I also love to cook and I love to eat. I have a garden this year after living in an apt. (with no garden) for 2 yrs. Cant wait for the fresh raw vegies.

cindi mcbroom

I am trying new eating plans and doing more mixed media. Would love to have either book.


That mousse recipe sounds really great. I've just been put on the Candida diet and am going nuts trying to think of legal things to eat. I'd love to see you list recipes as well as crafty things, especially if they're healthy and yummy. Thanks for sharing and enter me for the raw food book.


I'm trying the prepare more balanced meals. I want to craft more.


Lynda Taylor

I think cooking and craft are both fun things to explore and think how being crafty we hide healthy foods in foods for our kids all the time. ie hidden vegies in sauces or burgers etc.
I also craft helps us plate up our foods nicely and add to our cake decorating skills.
Can you tell I love both things!

Shari J.

I think cooking is a craft all on its own if it is done well. We need fuel to craft on. My grandson says things are 'cookin" when he really likes something. So if my crafts are "cookin" then I am happy. Crafting is about making art, love and self is cooking.

lyn lewis

As someone who creates for therapy and because of an inner 'need to make', I welcome seeing what new books are coming out for us to devour and learn from.
But as for cook books?
Not for me thank you. Food is simply a fuel to me and I have no need to make sandwich faces or handle foods into the shapes of boats, or make cupcakes in shapes, sizes and colours to match all the new films and fashion crazes there are lol
Though each to their own, I just prefer to spend my time in other ways.
I guess if you love cooking, then cook books 'do' it for you.......I would rather craft than cook....and besides Ive always had a weight problem lolol

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