Craftside: How to make a recycled shirt apron inspired by the book Sewing Vintage Aprons
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August 31, 2011



Such a great idea to re-use clothes. My mom turned a skirt that we bought at a thrift store into the skirt of an apron.


My grandmothers all wore aprons as do I when baking. When my daughter took a cooking class in high school years ago, she had to have a butcher's apron with her name on it. There was no way she was going to have a boring apron so we painted the top half! She heard a lot of comments about it each time she wore it.

Becky Stancill

I live and breathe aprons! This book looks wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.

I especially appreciate what you did with your shirt and apron - upcycling is one of the best ideas ever!


I made my first apron in 4-H. It was blue with chickens and eggs on it and I LOVED it!


I make aprons for my daughter out of vintage clothing - she is a floral designer and wears the aprons at her shop! I LOVE the creativity in making aprons, and the simplicity and ease in creating them. Would love to win this book and "ramp up" my apron collection!


I love aprons for about every project. I have a funny kitchen comment about two young girls making brownies from scratch...The girls got to the part about egg whites, they didn't understand what egg whites were-and they didn't ask-a few minutes later they asked Mom why they couldn't get the egg whites into the batter correctly---they used the white egg shells, lol.

Luvenia Jenkins

Im wear aprons all the time, no halfs for me, either! I also make aprons out of cotton tea towels. I have made app. 150! Given most away to friends and family! Would love the book!

Sherry J.

I make aprons for gifts all the time and have a small collection of vintage aprons. would love to have this book. thanks.

Angela Flickema

I cannot believe how many women, or men have never seen anyone use an apron. I appreciate your styling and feel the thrill of getting down to serious work in the kitchen once I don my 'princess of the kitchen' apron. Sometimes I wear my tiara too! Hope to win the book. Love your blog.


I'm getting better at planning meals and finding new recipes.


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