Craftside: How to make a recycled shirt apron inspired by the book Sewing Vintage Aprons
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August 31, 2011



i love the altered apron you made! My mother in law is not overly crafty but wants to be. She has a great apron pattern she made up years ago that uses exactly one yard fabric. She loves it when i hand her a yard and ask her to make me a new one, it makes her feel needed. (and i do love her aprons!) I wear one daily it seems! Right now one is waiting to be washed from the three salsas i was canning yesterday. One today will need to be washed i am sure after the major blueberry and blackberry picking that must be done! :)

Anne Louise Mizoguchi

I love the few aprons I have that my Grandmother, who I never knew, made. They are my only material connection to her. I make aprons as gifts for friends and they are aleays appreciated.

Diane Offerman

My grandmother was never without an apron. I have one of her patterns that she used repeatedly. When my two granddaughters were playing house one day, they came running to me and asked if I had any of those "kitchen things". I asked what they meant and they informed me about those kitchen things that you wear when you are working in the kitchen. And indeed I did.

Lori Bradley

That's really great. I wouldn't have thought of using a shirt like that. Thanks for sharing!


In grammar school I was in a play for the holidays, and my mother had to make my costume, which was an apron made with Christmas fabric and a little ribbon with jingle bells handing form the waist. I still have the apron.

Jean Ceithaml

I teach crafts at a senior retirement community. We make Senior Crumb Catchers (bibs) for various holidays and seasons. Also make aprons from a hand towel with a reversible top. Great for wiping your hands as well as serving as a full-length apron. Really cute when made with two color-coordinated fabrics fr Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I wear an apron for crafting (cause I'm messy) for cooking (cause I'm messy) and for cleaning out the fish filters- cause IT"S messy! But not all the same apron, of course! : ) -Jenny from

Rachel Sue

Love the way this turned out! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

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